Welcome to Bees Business

A word from the Site admin.

Hi, this site is very much an ongoing work in progress so if you have found it interesting or useful please come back from time to time. If you have any suggestions regarding the page or some feedback relating to it please get in touch with me. I will certainly welcome any suggestions that come with constructive feedback and preferably some help on the HTML. I am not a full time web developer (as you can probably tell) but am keen to learn and improve.

The site is hand written in HTML5 using CODA on a Mac. I have “borrowed” bits of code and a script or two (always respecting the owners copyright) as I am completely self taught and some times it is far easier not to reinvent the wheel. I am trying to make the site as responsive as possible so that it can be enjoyed on all platforms but I find it quite difficult to achieve as I am not a programmer and am not able to take full advantage of Javascript or JQuery.

My apologies if you have any difficulties on mobile devices. The menus work on touch screens but are not as intuitive as I would like. For the sub menus a tap activates the item and a second tap initiates the page change. I am working to make the site as friendly as possible to all platforms but the sheer variety of devices makes this a challenging task. If you are using an older version of Internet Explorer it would be wise to upgrade as the older versions can have security problems as well as being increasingly problematic regarding displaying web pages properly.

My website is at www.rudders64.com.