Welcome to Bees Business

So, what is the purpose of the Bees Business website?

This site began as a medium to share my interest in Australian native stingless bees and the research I was conducting on Austroplebeia australis, at the University of Western Sydney.

Over the years of my research on bees I have become aware to a major gap in our knowledge, as a community, about native bees. Because my research was conducted on a stingless bee that does not naturally occur in my local area, the lower Blue Mountains in NSW, I decided to diversify. I wish to share my knowledge and my passion for native bees with anyone who is interested.

Australia is home to over 1,800 species of native bee and there are over 200 species in the Sydney Basin (Newcastle to Wollongong and west into the Blue Mountains). So, there is a great deal of information I wish to share with the community about our native bees.

Within the pages of this website, I will try to share some of the information available about the native bees in my local area. Although this may limit the information to only 200 or so species, it will cover many bees that you may find in your own local area, or some that are in the same genus.

This website is still very much under construction so please be patient and visit regularly.