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My Thesis.

PhD Thesis – Investigations into the biology, behaviour and phylogeny of a potential crop pollinator, the Australian stingless bee Austroplebeia australis. (13mb PDF)
Honours Thesis – A australis vs African SHB. (3mb PDF)

Articles related to my work:

Behavioral defense strategies of the stingless bee, Austroplebeia australis, against the small hive beetle, Aethina tumida.
Non–invasive and non–destructive method for observing in–hive behaviour.
The Australian stingless bee industry, a follow–up survey_The 2010 survey.
Halcroft et al Australian stingless bee industry authors copy.
Halcroft et al Ontogenic time longevity A australis authors copy.
Halcroft et al_Thermal environment of A australis nests author version.
Australian Native Bees, just to name a few.
Halcroft etal 2015 delimiting the species of Austroplebeia.
Halcroft et al Delimiting the species supplementary material.

Articles by colleagues

Tetragonula carbonaria and disease Behavioural and antimicrobial defences used by colonies to limit brood pathogens by Dr. Jenny Shanks

A Pamphlet and ID Book made in collaboration with Western Sydney University (W.S.U.)

Native Bees, Learn More.
Australian Native Bees, Learn more, up close. Revised Jun 19

“Australian Native Bees brochure” This is a high res, printable version, with trim bleed. It is designed to be printed on both sides and folded in half. Then folded in three, to fit the columns.

The Bee Hotel ID Guide.
An identification guide prepared for the “Bee Aware” project.
5 Differences Between Bees and Wasps.
5 differences between bees and wasps revised Jan 2017
6 Differences Between Bees and Flies.
6 differences between bees and flies revised Jan 2017

Some Contributions.

Halcroft et al 2013 Australian stingless bees;
Halcroft et al_ch3 pot honey (authors copy)
The Book for sale;
Pot Honey A legacy of Stingless Bees, my chapter. (On Amazon)
The Australian Native Bee Ag Guide
Australian Native Bee Ag Guide
Native bees in the permaculture garden PIP 4 2015.
Native bees in the permaculture garden PIP 4 2015.
Understanding Pollinators

An article written to promote Australian Pollinator Week.

Understanding pollinators


Choosing plants to attract native bees.pdf

Educational Posters.

Native bees, cavity dwellers poster.
Native bees_cavity_dwellers_poster.pdf
Native bees ground dwellers poster.
Native bees pollination poster.

Other Posters.


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