Welcome to Bees Business

What is Bees Business and what is it about?

Bees Business has been established to help members of the community become more familiar with native bees in their area. Although they may not live in the same area as I do, Hampton, on the Central Tablelands in NSW, the information in these pages may be helpful. Of the 1,660 described species of native bee in Australia, many are common to different regions. For example, leaf cutter, resin and reed bees have been reported in all states of Australia. So the information contained here may help you to identify your local bees, even if you live hundreds of kilometres away from me.

I have incorporated information into different pages of the Bees Business website. I have a page that gives detailed information on how to create habitat to attract naturally occurring native bees in your area. This page explains the step by step processes of creating nesting sites for resin bees, reed bees and masked bees.

This website also contains a wide variety of links to other websites, which will enhance the information given here. There is also a list of links to native bee sites on the "Related Web Sites" page. Here, I must direct you particularly to the website of Dr Anne Dollin and her husband Les, at the Australian Native Bee Research Centre (ANBRC). Aussie Bee is an amazingly informative website that offers a huge array of products to purchase and will increase your knowledge of native bees. The site has been established since 1997 and is well worth a visit.