• Trigona
  • Austroplebia
  • Species unknown

The Bees Business tracker has been set up as a tool to help us increase our understanding of the native stingless bee populations within the whole of Australia. By recruiting community members, who have an amazing amount of knowledge about their local bee populations, we can develop a data base of stingless bee nest locations. This will then enable us to build an overall picture of the distribution of the different species throughout the Australian continent. As part of the community of growing native bee enthusiasts you can help to establish this data base. It is hoped that the information we collect will assist local authorities to protect those ‘tagged’ nests by preventing clearing of trees within those areas. This data base will be a permanent record of nest locations and it will assist in monitoring population growth or decline. It will be a valuable to tool for generations of conservationists to come.

As you will see when you enter the website, public access to precise nest locations is restricted to general areas and it would not be possible for nests to be located by using this site. The only people who have access to the precise nest location is the person who entered the information and authorised Bees Business personnel. The site cannot be used as a tool for poaching nests.